How to look after your skin
whether you’re travelling or staying at home

What problems do you have, or have you had with your facial skin? I’d be interested to hear from you however small or big your problem is. Tell me your experiences by commenting below and feel free to ask me for advice on skincare and what you can do to rectify your problem.

You want your skin to stay looking young and vibrant right?
So, what do you do to maintain this look?

You will, of course, need to feed your skin with dermatologist designed products that nurture and nourish the skin from way deep down at microscopic levels, detoxifying, cleansing, purifying, renewing and moisturising, giving your skin that luminous age defying look. Even if you’re a traveller in hot and cold climates, no matter what age you are you can still maintain your skin’s natural youthful glow. How can this be you may ask?

Well, For the past 2 years I have been using a skincare line that does exactly that. At the time I started using these products I had been experiencing a skin problem on my face for a few months, and gradually after a few weeks of using the new skincare line I noticed a great improvement. And after 3 months my skin looked and felt amazing so, I have continued to use these products every day since then.

The skincare line I use is called LUMINESCE™, by a company known as Jeunesse Global. And in fact, thousands of people who have had facial skin problems such as; acne, hives, spots and scaring and others, have reported that after using the LUMINESCE™ skincare line daily it has greatly improved their skin, leaving it looking clear, smooth and with a healthy-looking glow.

If you haven’t yet heard about Jeunesse Global and their life changing products, you can find out by reading my articles and watching my video’s below on how to use each product. Then, maybe after reading the articles and watching my videos you would like to give the products a month’s trial too.