Hi folks! I’m Dee from the UK
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About Me

I first traveled abroad at the ripe old age of 12, to Switzerland with my school by plane. I didn’t travel abroad again until I was 18. And then, due to low income and being a single mum with 4 children, I didn’t consider traveling again until 2001 when I cashed in a matured Insurance Policy and took my eldest 2 on a skiing trip to Andorra. We had an amazing time and from then on I started taking an interest in other countries and their cultures and so traveling abroad was something I felt I had to do and have done since then.

My aim for this Blog is to inspire and connect with women who are like minded, share similar interests, or thinking to start traveling abroad. And of course, I’ll be happy if there are any men out there who are like minded and would like to follow me also. You can also follow me on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, my Facebook Page and (later-YouTube).


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