Long Haul Travel



1. When booking, choose a more roomy ecconomy seat. Look closely at the seating map of the aircraft you’re gonna be travelling on. If you happen to be travelling on a double-decker plane quite often you’ll find the seats and leg room are more roomy. But, of course they go fast so you’d better be quick to book them. Sometimes, still in the ecconomy section you may find the front seats have a little more leg room. Also the ‘Exit & Bulk Head’ areas often have more leg room too.

2. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Loose fitting clothes are far more comfortable than tight ones on long journeys as you’ll feel far more able to relax.

3. Wear or bring socks in a small compartment of your cabin bag, even if it’s summer time as your feet tend to get cold while sitting still especially if you’re just wearing sandals.

4. Even better would be to wear pressure socks or stockings that cover your calves as your circulation may decrease on a long-haul flight causing your legs, ankles and feet to swell.

5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! The air inside the cabin is very dry so it’s very important to stay hydrated. (Maybe one glass of wine and one coffee but water is best).


View of Boats From Airplane

Photo by: Brodie Vissers

6. Exercise! Get up and walk around the cabin. Let your blood flow so as to keep your circulation moving. And… don’t forget to stretch!

7. Sleep aid. Whether it’s an over the counter or just a Melatonin which is a herb, or go to your doctor and explain you’re travelling on a Long-Haul flight and need something to help you sleep. After a meal you can take your sleep aid and get a good sleep.

8. Bring a sleep mask or neck pillow (or both) is a must. Be sure to have a carry-on which includes these items because you’ll be so grateful for them I guarantee it!

9. Noise cancellation head phones. The last thing you’ll want is to have a screaming child sitting close to you! With these noise cancelling head phones it won’t matter.

10. Bring some of your own entertainment. Music, books, games, films etc.. Don’t rely fully with in-flight entertainment.

I hope these basic tips help you to enjoy your flight and maybe you can ask advice from people you know who have already experienced traveling long haul. And remember, travel contributes to your happiness! So make sure you enjoy it! 


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Take care Everyone and STAY SAFE!

Globe-North America

Photo by: Matthew Henry